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Chicago Brick Oven Bundle 500


Chicago Brick Oven Bundle 500


An authentic wood-fired brick oven starts with an in-chamber fire. If the fire is not inside the dome chamber, don’t be fooled — it’s not a genuine wood-fired brick oven.

Unlike other residential ovens that are out-of-chamber fired or have an in-chamber fire, but a high-dome design, wood burning brick ovens from Chicago Brick Oven feature a low, igloo-shaped dome design that is modeled on the ancient Neapolitan or Italian wood-fired oven design. We’ve added an efficient flue system to create a steady draft along the dome to prevent any smoke from exiting through the front. A Chicago Brick Oven wood burning brick oven makes it easy for a professional or an at-home chef to cook wood-fired brick oven pizza, steaks and many other recipes.


4-piece Oven (Dome, 2-piece Hearth, Arch), Decorative Door

Install Kit - Duravent Anchor Plate, Insulating Board, Steel Plate, Insulating Blanket, Mortar

Cooking Kit - Pizza Peel, Brush, Infrared Thermometer Gun

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